Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Growth Chart

Well I am seriously tired and hungry these days, and Mom is getting there too. C'mon folks I have been multiplying my size by amounts you wouldn't even comprehend for the last 220 some odd days. it's true! I'll prove it- look...
First I am only 6 weeks old- six weeks people!
technically that means I have only been at this thing for 4 weeks, those Dr's calculate things weird.

This set is only two weeks later! Check out that physique-

The Dr. Said I looked like the man in the moon.

Now here is where I show off my real growth prowess. Twenty weeks- I have hands, fingers and my little ding -a-ling. Dad saw it for sure. I look like a person not a blob- yeah!

This one is a little more creepy. I am so huge you can barely tell what you are looking at right? Dad thinks I am looking right at the camera thingy with my mouth on the left and then that circle is my eye socket! Mom has no clue- maybe its her kidney.

And NOW check out my mom- and you thought I got big...

Pow! I just kicked out that belly to make a little room and I got a lot of room. I am getting a little cramped now, but I just push all these other things around, like bladder, lungs and stomach and then I have some more space! It's great in here- I am never leaving.