Monday, August 18, 2008

SO much is going on!

Well as much as goes on for a baby anyway. I just turned 7 months old on wednesday! I am getting so big- at my last Dr's appt. I was 50th% for weight, 75th% for head circumference (more room for my big brain) and 94% for length! NBA here I come! I have three teeth, so my smile is a little lopsided, and I went on my first family vacation to Laguna. When I say family I mean most of Burbank. Now I just scoot around the floor and eat a lot. I am so interested in everything but my favorite thing to play with is PAPER! I just cannot get enough of this stuff- it crinkles it rips it turns mushy when you lick it and it tastes decent; better than Mommy 's homemade babyfood, gag me with a spoon! Soon I will be crawling, I'll let you know when I go for it. And I am so loud- I just sqeak, squeal, squawk, grunt, groan, howl, and babble on and on. Take care stay real-
Here is me making noises:

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