Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Wow! October is half over already! Yeeash! This year is going by so fast- the other day I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast- pancake yummy- and Daddy says to me, "Are you going to be ready for a cake in three months?". Three months? Wha? no! I better get busy, no more liquid food for me. Only chunky. Goodbye Pureed carrots. Hello beef stew! So in case you didn't recieve the bulletin- I am standing now. I pull myself up all over the place and I throw all the stuff off the coffee table, that is so fun! I don't know why. I also wave Bye Bye and Hi. And I can say Mamama and Da da da. But my favorite thing to say is Duh! It is the hip thing to do now- you just leave off the end consonant sound. Instead of Mom- Ma Dad- Da What- Wha Duck- Duh Get it? I am really looking forward to the fall season- I heard it gets cold, like 60 degrees! Well I better go practice my eating and standing~ Smooch! Samuel
This is me and Daddy in the front yard.
This is me standing. I think I surprised myself.
Me and my golf ball.
This is me and Mommy!
This is my family with my friends the Teodoros! My big friend Gavin is on the left and my new little friend Coco is in the middle - I love her. She's so cute. I'm gonna marry her.
Here is a video of me eating- I don't know what it was but apparently it is really yummy.

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Elliotness said...

Julia! Your baby boy is getting so big! And so stinken cute!
I LOVE the little laughing video!
Hope things are going great little mama...I was at Target for the third time this week. I thought of you, your voice telling me "stay outta target"...so I left. Dangerous place to be that big red money sucker.
Kisses to your little Samuel!