Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am always so amazed when I stop to blog that another month has flown by! Where did it go? In two more months I will be one year old! I just cannot believe how big I am. It seems like only yesterday I couldn't roll over and now lookat me I can stand independently for like 5 seconds. I mean I am thinking about trying to walk sometime in the future. They grow up so fast folks. So recently I "celebrated" my first Halloween. I felt like a movie star. I wore this cool costume and everyone was taking my picture. Well thats not too different from every other day, except I was wearing a costume! I got to go in a firetruck. Not every baby gets to do that. We'll catch up more later- I gotta split. C-ya later Alligator Samuel "Gee I am awfully cute aren't I? " Here I am in my new blue sweater. Here I am in my costume with Mommy and Daddy

Just doin' my job ma'am. To the rescue!! Look at meeee!

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Living The Dream said...

I love the pictures! Samuel is so adorable! He is growing so fast!