Friday, December 12, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year!

Sleighbells, snow, silent night? What are they talking about? I have never seen any of these things! Maybe they are pretend, you know- like Santa. All I know is Mommy is playing fun Christmas music all the time, and there is this tree thing with lights all over it, which I am NOT allowed to touch. Wha? WHy would you do that to a wonderful 11 month old boy who is learning to walk? I must explore! I did hear her say there would be one at Grammas house, and I am SURE gramma will let me touch it. She doesn't care what Mommy says. Today I got a new carseat- it is super luxury! Soft velvety fabric, soft and cozy, and oh so big! I don't know who Mommy and Daddy put in that other carseat before but it couldn't have been me! I really find it hard to believe I ever fit in that thing, it's tiny! Well Merry Christmas too all. May you get many fun presents with paper and bows and boxes! May your Mommies let you try some new treats and may your tumbles be few. See you in the new Year!
Ho ho ho!
Look - there he is!
Hay is for horses! Don't eat it- trust me.
One big happy family!

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Lindsay said...

the cutest picture!! you guys look so great and Samuel is so gorgeous... have a great Christmas, we will play in the snow for you guys :)