Thursday, April 23, 2009

Being 1 is crazy!

Where do I start?
So I'm 1 now and I guess that means you get to do all kinds of fun, exciting things, like going to the zoo where I got to go down a slide, and ride an elephant and a camel...
and using the computer...
...eating real people food...mmm....pasta....
...and showing Great Grandpa and Cousin Scotty how to destroy a tower of blocks!
But being 1 has brought some things that were not so fun too. Like getting sick :(
I had a double ear infection and then got a rash from the medicine the Dr. gave me. My mom and dad thought I was going to turn completely red. Just look at my belly!
Then when I started to feel better I was spinning around our house and I fell and hit my lip. I had to get 4 stitches. It wasn't that bad, luckily I still have all my teeth, and now this cool scar. I think it will impresses the ladies.
So after I got all better, mom and dad decided I deserved a vacation so we went to Crystal Cove beach and stayed in a cottage. It was a lot, lot, lot of fun.
At first I wasn't too sure about this sandy beach stuff...
but after trying it, it was pretty good and fun.
The Davidson's joined us for a day too. I showed them how to destroy sand castles.
I really like the water. Those waves aren't that scary, but for some reason daddy kept scooping me up everytime a big one came.
Once when he wasn't looking I ran into the was so cold but I didn't mind.
Then, a few weeks after we got back it was this thing called Easter that they say is about Jesus. All I know is I got a lot of candy, popped a lot of bubbles, and got a new hat, but sometimes when I go to sleep mommy puts my new hat over my diaper. Silly mommy. It's only half full. I'm long for now.

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Living The Dream said...

Wow! Being 1 has been quite the adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us :)