Monday, February 23, 2009

ONE and then some!

Hey everyone- I have been super busy this last month. So sorry I didn't get time to blog about my big birthday! I turned one year old!!! Can you believe it? I made it to my first birthday ever! I had presents and cake and a pan"cake" breakfast. Yummy. Pancakes are my very favorite thing- I could eat a dozen, oh wait I have eaten a dozen !
So I think something is going on with Mommy and I think I figured it out!.... my Mommy... is turning into a baby! Here is my careful analysis of the clues.
exhibit a : She is taking naps just like a baby does.
exhibit b : She is getting a funny round belly that sticks out - like mine does!
exhibit c : She is a picky eater, mostly milk ( like a baby) but her milk is frozen, same thing right?
exhibit d : sometimes she spits up after she eats- Just like a BABY!
That must be it- there is no other conclusion to come to than my Mommy is getting younger as she gets older- I will keep up my investigation and make sure you are all up to date on this "Curious Case".
In the mean time here is a photo of My mom and Dad and me and a video of my destruction!

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