Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where did all these grey hairs come from??

It's February 2010. Where does time go? It has been almost a year since our blog was up and running, and even then it was only once a month.
Some changes ahead-
I will now write from my point of view; I used to write from Samuel's perspective, but now that he is not the only child around here, we'll adjust to Mom vision.
I'll try (try being the operative word here) to write more often.
I mentioned before about our blog going private, I am holding off for now. 

Sooo, here we go:

Tomorrow Brennan will be 6 months old. Samuel turned 2 January 20th. The past year has brought huge changes to our life. Brennan was born into our family August 11, 2009 (right on his due date!). He came in at 21 1/2 inches, 8lbs 9oz., at 5:29 am. He was a sweet quiet little baby, who barely cried and was a great sleeper. This really helped in us in our transitioning life at the time, but let me tell you, he was just foolin' us. Today he is a feisty little bugger, with a bit of a dramatic streak He is definitely an attention lover especially from the ladies ~ I wonder if we have an actor on our hands? He certainly has a different personality! But he is a cuddly little snuggler, and he wakes up chatting and smiling. God blessed us with a great boy. 

Samuel is at the stage where he is beginning to repeat everything he hears. He talks a lot, narrating our car trips  by pointing out every truck, taxi, car and motorcycle and their color. He is especially fond of small fast looking cars or convertibles which are all deemed "uncle" after his uncle Jared's speedy red convertible. Samuel is a big reader and loves puzzles. He is also my quiet one, very reserved in new places and around new people. I thoroughly enjoy this part of him, that still needs Mommy close by in certain situations. There are a growing number in which I am cast aside and his sprouting independence leads him away. He is also a terribly polite little boy and surprises me often with his cleaning up skills and putting things where they go. I am sure he got that from me. ha. 

Last summer David was offered a new job in the Seattle area. After lots of prayer and advice seeking we packed up our 5 week and 20 month old and left the home we had known since we got married in the city I was born and raised in! Ya think it was a change? Actually we love Washington weather, which is what everyone thought would be so hard to adjust to, its the distance from family that proves difficult. It catches you off guard in the small moments. Missing my grandparents 70th anniversary celebration was only the first of many (and I am sure many to come) moments of wishing we were only a 2 hour car ride away instead of a 2 hour flight. A year ago 2 hours by car would have sounded crazy to me. I never would have thought it was something I would entertain, but my perspective has shifted. And now I am finding myself being molded by the hands of a great potter, and the wheel started spinning when we landed in Washington. Here I am a girl, used to having 30 or so family member within, oh about 6 miles. I had never sought out a babysitter, never had to. And paying one? huh?  Our church home was so comfortable, its where we met and my family has attended for 15 years give or take, that we were sad when they announced plans to renovate the old carpet  and pews (pea green and mustard yellow) along with many other out of date items. So here we are far away from the things that were so comfortable and routine. Here we are being molded and formed in a beautiful place, out on our own, like a baby bird being shoved out of the nest to try out their wings and figure out how to live without relying on the comforts they had always known and the protection of their mother.

Life in Washington has been absolutely enjoyable (despite the obvious bouts of pouting and feeling desperately far away from "home"). The weather we have had has been considerably mild and being a CA girl rain is still an anomaly to me-  We often are hit in the face with  gorgeous views of Mt. Ranier shimmering and snow covered. There are lakes, rivers and islands galore, just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. The air is always crisp and clean smelling, like after it rains, because usually it just did. There is a great support of local foods and healthy living which we do our best to follow. We have great friends who live up here that we have hardly seen in the past few years and now we love getting to spend time with them and be in their lives! We are just staring at blank pages ready to be filled with God's teaching, adventures and possibilities. 

There are too many pictures from the last year to choose from, but here are a few:

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KCR said...

Great post Julia. We are glad you moved up here, too. I liked the part about the empty pages waiting to be filled with stories, memories, etc. God has great things planned for you and your family! Thanks for sharing.