Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Valenti... Oh shoot.

February seems to be speeding past us. Time flies when you are having fun! We have had visits from two favorites, Gramma and Aunt Anna. Samuel, being a two year old boy, decided to wait until after Gramma left to start actually saying "Gramma", which when she heard it over the phone was almost enough to bring her right back. It is a little more like "dramma" but the intention is there. Samuel, always our literary scholar, is currently reading 'The busy world of Richard Scary' and rereading and rereading. His page turning is punctuated with exclamations of "doldbug!" With Aunt Anna here we warned her that he have an 'echo' now, to which Samuel responded "echo!" He repeats strangers when we are out at the store and most things we say. Brennan is still fairly quiet unless he sees some food. Apparently, between each bite of food there is just too long of a pause for him and he squeals until you plummet another spoonful of goodness into his awaiting open mouth. When he hears you shaking a bottle he starts to breathe faster and faster until it comes into view and he begins his oh so pathetic little "uhheh, uhheh, uhheh, uheh, ehyaaaaaaaaaa!" Whence said bottle finally enters his starving mouth he makes a satisfied "nyun nyumm mmunn" sound and chows down. Just a bit over dramatic but aren't we all? Brennan is as we say "grabby." As in, if something comes anywhere near him he reaches out his tiny little hands and grabs on for dear life. This can be our hair, shirt, necklace, maybe the spoon that is all too slowly delivering his food, any toy or puzzle piece and also his own pacifier {Which he yanks out of his mouth, with a "pop!" while falling asleep, only to result in a sad 'I am a victim' cry and the restarting of the whole falling to sleep process} Fun times.
These are a few photos (of the hundreds Anna and I took) at Point Defiance Park. Samuel fed ducks and played in the trees. Poor Aunt Anna was terribly cold.

But the drive through the park brought some beautiful scenery!

We are really enjoying our church, New Life Renton, and weekly comment on how we love the basic Biblical preaching. Like, here is a section of verses from the Bible, here is the story it tells, here is how it applies to you. Easy. I get it. I like where it comes from. Right now we are in a sermon series about Simon Peter. What a real guy! He was so, what's the word?? Well, we'll just say, he didn't always get it. He wasn't super smart, and cool. He made major mistakes and went on to Lead the church. Jesus actually said to him "Get behind me Satan". I find many of Peter's musings quite funny. As our Pastor eloquently put it: "The Bible is really interesting, You should read it."

This week was full of sun glorious sun. Samuel tried something he hasn't done in a while- play outside! Wheee! We picked up a new bike helmet for his monster head and a plastic baseball bat and ball at Target. At first he held onto the wrong end of the bat and swung it at the ball on the ground, golf was his first sport you know. He has learned the correct way, though and I am sure he will soon be hitting Gran Slams. Saturday we decides to venture out since it was such nice weather (54 degrees and sunny whoo hoo!) We packed up everything we would need and an hour later hit the road for Northwest Trek. A very cool place, like a more natural, calm zoo like experience with all native North American animals in native settings. The carnivores - bears, wolves coyotes etc- are behind electric wires and water and various other safety features yet still in very natural looking environments. It is a beautiful place.
Yes this is real.
Amazingly these next pictures were taken from a moving tram!
Mountain goat
Wild animals!
Family fun
I think spring is really starting. How do I know you ask? No not the week full of sunshine we have had, or the temps in the 50's. Not the tulips making their debut, or the chorus of frogs croaking us to sleep every night. I know spring is here because my allergies have erupted like Mt. St. Helens! Yikes. This will be an interesting season. ta ta.
Two of Brennan's favorite things- His bottle and his foot.
Brennan giving Aunt Anna some love
He has such a penetrating gaze...
Isn't this boy just barely two years old?? He looks so big!

Samuels sing a long

Brennan- One minute of joy

Brotherly love


julie m said...

wow! so much to do near your house! we don't see that kind of wildlife in LA! :)
cute boys!!!

swisher sweet said...

We LOVE NW Trek. And the drive out there, although loooonng, is so beautiful towards Rainier. We must go with you next time.