Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who me? Anxious?

So I was sitting in the Urgent Care this past Saturday morning, describing my chest pain to the Dr. (Chest, front of neck and jaw = classic heart attack symptoms) and she asked me if I had any stressful things going on in my life. I giggled a little and said "Well, I have been trying to potty train my son this week"... And she sent me home with some information on anxiety and advice to "give the potty training a break". Huh- larious. Seriously, Potty training gave me anxiety? Well that, and a long list of things in my life that no matter how hard I try, I cannot control. You see I have an issue, an issue with control. In that, I want it, all the time. So Samuel, after 3 days of mercilessly putting him on the potty and making him play in his underwear all day was having 1 or 2 "accidents" a day. ( And don't worry he is totally okay with me sharing this) He never got the whole 'tell Mommy when you have to go tinkle' thing. He'd cross his legs and wiggle. We ask if he has to go. He replies: "No all done". Then starts to run around the couch, abruptly stops, a fog comes over him and he pees. Now he knows this is not how it is supposed to go so he states the obvious: "Uh-oh." Saturday, after my "diagnosis" I drastically reduced the focus on potty training and he is in and out of diapers this week. He goes in the toilet sometimes and diaper sometimes. My chest pains are gone. Oh well. My iron (stubborn) will has been broken by my two year old.
Enough toilet talk. In an effort to coax Spring to show its warm sunny face I decided to make a new Paper wreath. Ironically, the day I bought said 'spring paper'- it snowed. But, not to be deterred, I traced, I cut, I glued and in the end, I had two happy little wreaths ready for Spring. Now to sit back and anxiously await the tulip's blooms.
Brennan has become one of those babies, you know, the ones that are incredibly difficult to change because whenever you lay them down on their back, they roll right over to their tummy. He arches his back. He reaches out his arms. He cries. He gets poop on his leg. You wave a toy in his face to distract him. It is a wrestling match every time. We often find ourselves forgetting or just not realizing that he is growing, because we always see him next to Samuel. And in that ratio Brennan is always teeny. When we visited our friends who have a two week old. We realized just how big he is getting! He is also sitting up now. Rolling all around the room, scooting and wriggling. Busy little guy. Side note: Let's discuss Samuel's eyelashes for a moment. Why does God give cute little babies and kids the longest thickest lashes? I mean come on! This is what women pay for. Latisse was invented in envy of these lashes. False lashes, mascara, eyelash extensions... And behold the glory. Yes. I took these pictures specifically to show off the lashes. sorry for the nostril shot.
And who doesn't love a video? Brennan discovered the "baby in the mirror"

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