Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time keeps 'March'ing on

This is about the time of year where the world around you is supposed to shout "spring!" as the season unfolds before you. I think maybe the world around me is whispering "spring". I do see a few flowers, and new leaves growing. Frogs are croaking. And there are bathing suits for sale at Target. But other than that, it is still the season we call- "gray". Rain, clouds and still cold. I've been made promises of a summer that will have you jumping for joy, so I will try to wait patiently, for now.

Brennan rolls and rolls and rolls

Gramma and Grampa (Double treat) came to visit this month and I must admit we did have some glorious weather- for the NW. They kept reminding me it was "80 degrees at home today". Yeah, yeah. We took full advantage of the weather and armed with hats, gloves and jackets set out on an adventure to the zoo.

 Grampa and Samuel watching the sharks

Feeding the goats- and interesting experience

Throw rocks!

Mini golf

not a great put for Mommy and Brennan

Running through the tunnel!
On the Saturday it was sooo warm here you didn't even need a jacket! We strolled the arboretum and saw lots of beautiful flowers. I think (hope) we worked off the pound of See's candy Gramma MADE us buy- and eat!

We made plans for what I thought would be a nice spring getaway to Roslyn at the end of March. It was a nice getaway; we played at the park, and strolled through town, BBQ'd and played some more. Roslyn, however, is hearing no call of spring. There were still patches of snow in shady spots, and the grass was shall we say, yellow. It was different but still a fun time was had by all! We were joined by the Swisher family of four, who were a great blend with our family. The four kids 2 and under provided plenty of exercise and entertainment for the adults!

Today, Samuel and I made pudding. A friend and fellow blogger recently raved about trader joe's pudding mix. I, being one in favor of more natural, less artificial food decided to try it out. Making it was easy, but the eating it was pure joy! who knew pudding + a two year old would be so delightful.. and not at all messy ;)

Happy happy boy!

What? All gone? "Oh no Mommy. Need finger."

Brennan is teething and therefore not sleeping so much. Which means, Mommy and Daddy are not sleeping much either! Poor boy he has had two teeth break through last week and is working on at least 3 more. Hoping they come soon. For now we are sleepwalking through the days and nights.

Notice the theme of Brennan chewing things

And a mud puddle- oh joy!

We are living happy and healthy, thank the Lord. And missing our friends and family everyday! Come see us real soon now. Ya' here!

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