Wednesday, April 7, 2010

30 days....

Thirty days left. In thirty days I will be thirty. Thirty. T H I R T Y. weird word. anywho, my lovely sister Anna was just here for a visit for her birthday ( I will not say her age) :) and while she was here a big box arrived addressed to me from her! Oh my! We get boxes often here. Gifts for the boys from far away family who cannot control themselves. But for me? Not unless I ordered it myself. Well this was even better than something I ordered. Inside the box was a sweet card and 30 little gifts all wrapped and numbered! One to open each day until I turn ... thirty. I love this game! I am super in to opening a gift everyday- especially one from Anna who has great taste, thus gives great gifts! I love surprised and gifts and spreading them out for a month! I am not super excited about turning 30. I sort of already feel like I am there. Most of my friends are 30+ and David turned 30 last year, so thanks for making the transition easier for me everyone who is older than me! :)
But back to Anna's visit: She and I went out to a fun and fancy dinner in the "city". We are not afraid of trying much of anything especially at a clean, fabulous restaurant- not off of a truck. So, our delicious dinner consisted of: the confit lamb heart horseradish cream, miners lettuce, preserved meyer lemon; fresh ricotta gnudi artichoke relish, lemon oil, sweet salt; thundering hooves beef tongue black lentils, cherry-mustard compote, spring onions and a special steamed mussel dish with lots of garlic, butter and fennel. Yummmy! Actually, the lamb heart was my least favorite as it was the last one we ate, was served cold and I was pretty full, plus is has a game-y taste and spongey texture. But it was not anywhere near bad. My favorite was the tongue for sure! So good! The cherry mustard compote was sweet and the tongue had a nice crisp outside and tender inside. I realize I am totally grossing some of you out by this- :) It really was great- It's not like there were tastebuds on it or anything, it was just like a piece of beef. We had fun and were so full we couldn't eat dessert. Poo! We did scarf down the tiny chocolate cookie they bring you anyway.

The Tongue

It was unfortunate weather during most of Anna's visit, including Easter, but we had fun anyway. We shopped, and bowled and got pedicures! I am a lucky girl to have had her here on her birthday. ( I am no fool, I know Samuel and Brennan had a little something to do with why she came)


It was also Easter this week- which is always one of my favorite holidays. There is nothing I would rather celebrate than the resurrection! Jesus' death fills me full of emotion like nothing else. But He rose again that we may live! Thank you Jesus for Resurrection day! I love going to church and celebrating with others who are thankful like me, and praise Him from their toes. I love the Easter egg hunt in the yard; the sunny weather, the See's suckers that the adults always run around the yard plucking out of the flower beds; and I always love being with family. So, this Easter was a little different. Sadly, it was lacking in most of these areas. It still held all of the meaning, hope, emotion and joy but it just wasn't the same. I missed my church, my family, and the sun!

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