Friday, April 16, 2010

Wanted: one vacation from vacation

He is the cutest thing ever- I am saying so
"Oh Canada...... You're above the United States"... Or so goes the song from my childhood memory ;) Oh and there was nice weather. Other than that ( I will try to keep it brief):
  • We were NOT staying in Vancouver, but 20 minutes outside.
  • In a very "business-y" hotel
  • On a main road with no sidewalks, and nothing to walk to should one decide to brave the stroller in the street technique
  • David was working and had to be at his show every afternoon to late in the evening
  • No Wi-fi meant no words with friends AAaak!
  • Two kids sleeping in one hotel room = a lot of sitting in the dark for mommy
  • Samuel had a terrible stomach flu the whole time
  • My cell phone was on "international roaming" so I was basically cut off from life!
And we learned some invaluable lessons about trying to make a business trip a family vacation! Don't. The End. New story- We stopped on our way..err.. somewhere..(see above) in Mt.Vernon, WA for the Skagit Valley Tulip festival! Now, tulips happen to be my favorite flower. I am not obsessive about my favorites but. this stop at least reminded me why I have a favorite. It was a beautiful day. We stopped to pick up lunch at a great Co-op with tons of fresh food, healthy, organic, local ingredients. Ate in the park- here it was pretty cold- and played on the playground, then headed for the fields. It was a crowded Saturday. But we loved taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, and Samuel, he loved the puddles!
I took a Sewing 101 class last night through a great company a friend started calledARMOMMY. If I am being honest, I think I really am more of a sewing 102 level. But, it's always good to get back to basics. I ended the night of laughing and pinning and sewing with fun women, with a gorgeous new pillow and lots of revitalized creativity. I think I may need some new curtains and other pillows and then I might move on to clothes. At least I have great intentions.
Brennan boy- playing with his mouth sounds

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