Friday, April 9, 2010

Brennan and #28

I realized that i didn't include any pictures or really mention Brennan in my last post. Maybe I have been subconsciously trying to block him from my mind because he has been teething and waking me up all night long and fussing all day long. Thankfully one big nasty tooth broke through on Easter and another a few days later. We'll see if there are more to come. Anyway, he is doing great and getting so big.

Today is #28. I went to open a cute card with a pretty flower on it with much excitement.

The last two days I have opened a 'spring OPI nail polish kit' (!) and a box of Giada Di Laurentis' pasta and bamboo spoon- from he new line, she is one of my favorite chefs. So today I opened two cards, neither one from Anna. They were from two of my dearest friends whom I mess tons (Kala&Lindy Lou!)! Their cards touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes (and flowing down my cheeks). It reminded me of how special my friends are, and how blessed I have been to walk the last few years with these amazing women. Oooh! I miss them so. Just a gentle reminder. Then I thought, "maybe this whole gift is a sneaky ploy to get me to move back to California, by showing me what I am missing!" That would be sneaky. So on the third day I have cried over my gift (Which was a handmade tea towel courtesy of miss Lindy). I am afraid this gift may turn out to be a lot more than what I expected-

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