Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summahtime! pt.1

and the livin' is easy....
Well this one is pre-sunshine. A rainy day in July found lots of fun in dominoes!
And what fun is breakfast without a little music?
In most recent News- Brennan is ONE year old.
A year! gone, like that. Here is our day of fun and celebrating or littlest boy.
First: he slept in till 8:15. Wow. thank you for my present Brennan!
For Birthday Breakfast we have a pan"cake". Raspberry for B.
checkin out the stack I think I'll take a few of those.
Let's see if I can fit them ALL in at once.
I think I can I think I can.....
A little help?
We had a fun day of going to the Dr (just a check-up)
a bike ride and playing at the park.
Then out to a yummy dinner followed by chocolate! And that made two boys quite pleased.
Bathtime for Birthday boy-

We have been enjoying ourselves here in Washington and south in California. July was busy and August is ---- did ya blink?- aw then you missed it!
In July we had our first family camping experience! It only lasted one night (one looong night) but those boys had fun! We swam in the lake, made s'mores, popped bubbles and got durrty!
Alder Lake
Getting those bubbles!
Swimming and sitting on a log
playing at the playground
And they're out~
Back home we enjoy a back yard swim and so does a little frog :)
Brennan is a climbing monkey boy! You turn around and he's up a chair, a table, a box. whatever looks challenging at the moment he wriggles his little legs up and sometimes does a little victory dance once he has scaled it!
My video is really being bothersome! I will keep trying to add more in part 2!
We all enjoyed out time in Laguna so much- we got to see both sides of the family and spend lots of time together. One night while I tucked Samuel in bed he asked: "This our new house?" I said no it's just a vacation. He replied: "'Dis 'Guna?" . "Yes, this is Laguna. Are you having fun?" Samuel: "Yes!"

Breakfast at Lakeside!
Dancing Water
Great Grandkids
The Cappocchis
David, Samuel, Brennan, Michael and Cole
Samuel, entranced with 'Madagascar" and cozy with Sam and Kristy
Brennan's messy cake! Being cheered on by Gram and Grandad.
There's #40 in that little baby belly- behind the coffee cup. Joel , Kim and baby girl Taylor.
Samuel practicing putting
blowing bubbles
exploring the park
Ultimate Frisbee
Brennan- climbing the chair
Sitting in Uncle Aaron's Dump truck
With Uncle Paul
Gramma and Grampa sent "a slide and steps, in a white truck" for Brennan's birthday. And it was too much fun from delivery to execution. Brennan's first turn on the slide he decided he would climb up the slide and down the stairs!
again, hope to post more video soon :)

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